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KXZ system is the best solution
to Air-condition "Sophisticated" buildings

KX VRF series delivers high cooling/heating performance for all commercial applications.

"Micro series" for small offices,
shops and residential applications
Industry leading compact design, energy efficiency, and high reliability from our high technology

The KX VRF system from MHI offers simple and flexible solutions for commercial and industrial applications, with up to 80 indoor units in a single system.

Sophisticated control, combined with a high level of technology, ensures reduced energy consumption and high efficiency rates. The KX range starts with 11.2kW cooling capacity, up to the largest capacity single outdoor unit in the industry with 68.0kW cooling capacity. Outdoor units can also be paired together, providing up to 136.0kW on a single system.

High Efficiency & Compact Design

  • High efficiency and compact design are realized by applying various advanced components
  • Multiport compressor that achieves high efficiency (KXZ, KXZ Lite)
  • Concentrated winding motor achieves “High Output” and “Total Efficiency Improvement”
    Improved Heat-exchanger
  • Strengthened resistance against frost
  • VTCC : Variable Temperature and Capacity Control (KXZ)
  • Oil level control capability
  • Capacity control (KXZ)
  • Vector control
  • Long-chorded 3 propeller fan with serration
  • DC Fan Motor


  • Easy Service
  • Monitoring Function
  • Back-up Operation
  • Check Operation (10~60HP)
  • 3 Layer Construction
  • Blue Fin
  • Improved features (KXZ Lite)

Design Flexibility
*Indoor unit capacity connection
*Connectable indoor units
*Control Systems
*Long pipe length, up to 160m to futhest indoor unit

*Easy Transportation & Installation
*Wide Range of Operation (KXZ, KXZ Lite)

*Automatic Select functions for capacity control (KXZ Lite)


Outdoor Unit

Standard KXZ Series   KXZ Lite Series       Micro KXZ Series           Hi-COP Series     Large Capacity Series

High Head Series     Water Cooled Series  Corrosion Protection Treatment Series

Indoor Units

      Wall Mounted                  Ceiling Cassette             Dutc Connected          Ceiling Suspended            Floor Standing

Outdoor Air Processing Unit

 Fresh air ventilation & exchange unit