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Tipe Floor Standing

Konfigurasi floor standing berarti produk ini mudah dipasang dan dipelihara. AC ini juga dapat dipasang dibawah plafon yang tinggi.

*Operasi Hening
*Ayunan otomatis memberikan kenyamanan ke setiap sudut ruangan.
*Mudah dioperasikan, panel kendali LCD yang praktis
*Pemasangan dan layanan yang mudah

Floor Standing Non Inverter R410A
Product Range:

R410A Non Inverter Single Model


3.0 – 6.0 hp



*AC Daikin Floor Standing Non Inverter 3 PK R-410A
Type :RR71CXV1A4 + FVRN71BXV14
1 Phase
2.900 Watt
29.000 Btu/h)

Harga unit :
Rp.15.750.000 (Wired)
Rp.15.300.000 (Wireless)

*AC Daikin Floor Standing Non Inverter 3 PK R-410A
Type :RR71CXY1A4 + FVRN71BXV14
3 Phase
2.850 Watt
28.000 Btu/h)
Harga unit :
Rp.16.750.000 (Wired)
Rp.16.400.000 (Wireless)

*AC Daikin Floor Standing Non Inverter 4 PK R-410A
Type :RR100CXY1A4 + FVRN100BXV14
3 Phase
3.350 Watt
36.000 Btu/h)
Harga unit :
Rp.21.250.000 (Wired)
Rp.20.850.000 (Wireless)

*AC Daikin Floor Standing Non Inverter 5 PK R-410A
Type :RR125CXY1A4 + FVRN125BXV14
3 Phase
4.100 Watt
42.000 Btu/h)
Harga unit :

Rp.23.600.000 (Wired)
Rp.23.300.000 (Wireless)

*AC Daikin Floor Standing Non Inverter 6 PK R-410A
Type :RR140CXY1A4 + FVRN140BXV14
3 Phase
5.490 Watt
55.000 Btu/h)
Harga unit :
Rp.28.150.000 (Wired)
Rp.27.900.000 (Wireless)

Floor Standing

Space saving with style and functionality.

An ideal way of space saving with style and functionality, with it’s ease of installation, it is suited to be installed in offices, commercial shops, restaurants, showrooms and mosques.


• Sleek, stylish and modern to blend into any environment

• High gloss finishing for easy cleaning

• Slim profile

• Stylish black control panel with white LED light for crisp clear display


• Capacity range from 8.2kW to 16.1kW

• Wireless controller BRC52A61 (heatpump) or BRC52A62 (cooling only) is supplied as standard

• Utilize common outdoor - keep one outdoor stock for use with other light commercial models such as ceiling cassettes, ceiling exposed and ceiling concealed models

• Large buttons on control panel for ease of use

• Error code display on the seven-segment of the control panel by blinking

• Keylock for prevention of setting change by unauthorized personnel

• Space in the unit below the fan able to accommodate drain pump, depending on drain pump size (drain pump is optional, separately purchased and field installed)


• Left and right auto swing to cool the corners of the room

• Turbo activation in Cool and Heat modes

• Auto random restart with last state memory

• Timer setting from wireless controller

• Removable washable saranet filter

• Cache at intake grille for safety during filter removal

• Self diagnosis for faults detection and indication


The floor standing unit can be controlled by using two methods, i) settings by pressing the control panel on the unit ii) settings by using the wireless controller (wireless controller comes as standard)

Floor standing control panel

A stylish black control panel with white LED light for crisp clear display.

Compact & Easy-to-Use Handset BRC52A61 (heatpump) or BRC52A62 (cooling only)

• Prominent 40mm LCD display

• “Glow in the dark” ON/OFF button

• Real time clock display

• Dedicated button for Turbo function

Floor standing air flow

The floor standing is able to achieve air flow distance up to 25m*.

Turbo mode

Turbo function is available in Cool and Heat modes. Once it is activated, the floor standing will run on full power with the indoor fan running at maximum speed for 20 minutes. This enables the set temperature to be achieved faster.

Auto random restart with Last-State-Memory

In the event of a sudden power failure during operation, the floor standing restarts automatically in 64 different recovery timing patterns (within 180 seconds to 244 seconds) and it will operate based on the previous settings (operating mode, temperature setting and fan speed). This ensures that air conditioners in the same building resume randomly instead of all units resuming at the same time, preventing power surge after a blackout.

Floor Standing Features